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2012, A good year

I’ve been writing stories for over twenty-five years. Since I have no patience for the traditional New York publishing scene, I thought my efforts would be mostly for my own satisfaction, plus provide a bit of entertainment to family and friends. Then I read a story about a lady who was selling a lot of books on Kindle at 99 cents.

99 cents seemed a ridiculously low price for a book, but given that no paper is involved, and remembering the Wriggley fortune based on five cent gum, I decided to give it a try. I wasn’t trying to get rich–although that would be nice–I mostly wanted people to read my work. I thought my stories were good. I wanted to know if others thought so.

Well, now on this last day of 2012, I can report over 13,000 sales for the year.  It’s not life changing, but you the readers have given me reason to believe I can write stories people like to read, and that the time spent at the keyboard hasn’t been wasted. Thank you.

Cliff Black


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