Cliff Black's Books

Perfect Crimes

Perfect CrimesTwo convicts, about to be released from prison, plan to commit a perfect crime which will enrich themselves. No one else will know a crime has been committed. All goes well until they decide Jim Blakely must be eliminated.
Jim is camping near Lake Powell in Southern Utah, doing a little amateur archeology exploring when two dirty biker show up with a contract on Jim’s head. After harrowing escapes and danger, Jim turns the tables and eliminates the bikers.
Meanwhile, Jim’s wife, Susan has returned to her old home near Boston to find out why her mother is acting strangly. She determines that her new step-father is drugging her mother. She gives him a taste of his own medicine.
Jim returns to his Provo, Utah home and is abducted by the man who hired the bikers. He is taken to Utah’s West Desert, where his captor plans to make Jim talk, and then leave his body where it will never be found.

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