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The Girl Rides a Harley

The Girl Rides a Harley

Jane Brown is back in Blanding after three years in the Kingdom’s Royalty School. She wants to reconnect with the boy who loved her. She wants to find out what college he will attend and get a track scholarship there. Then she learns he has an appointment to the Air Force Academy

Since Jane has no chance of attending the Academy, and since Grandpa has an extra Harley-Davidson, they decide to tour America on motorcycles. They haven’t finished their first morning’s ride when they are almost taken out by an eighteen-wheeler crash–an eighteen-wheeler that is carrying a prospector’s orb from the Kingdom.

But wait, the CIA, those nice folks who kept Jane confined for fourteen years, learn that Jane is back. Having failed in the past to recapture Jane, this time the CIA sends in their A Team.

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